The Whabouchi property is composed of one block totaling 35 claims covering an area of 1,761.9 ha. Claims are 100%-owned by Nemaska Lithium Inc. The Whabouchi property is located about 300 km from Chibougamau. The property benefits from being located close to existing infrastructure: the Route du Nord, a gravel maintained year-round; the Nemiscau road-house/camp, located 15 km west of the property that provides food, housing, and light and heavy machinery maintenance services; the Nemiscau airport, located 18 km west of the property; and two Hydro-Québec electricity transformation plants located within 20 km of both sides of the property. In addition, the Nemaska area—including the Whabouchi property—is serviced by a cellular telephone network.

Mineral Resources and Reserves

The Mineral Resources were estimated based on geological and resources block modeling parameters received from SGS, updated on January 25, 2019.

The Mineral Reserves were estimated by BBA based on a sub-blocked model from the resource block model. The Mineral Reserves are included in the Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources that have been identified as being economically extractable and include dilution and ore recovery.

Mine Plan

The Technical Report outlines a combined open pit and underground mine. During the first 26 years, production will be derived from an open pit developed to a maximum depth of 210 meters and with an average strip ratio of 2.7 to 1. The open pit will be mined using a standard fleet of off-road mining trucks and hydraulic excavators at a rate of approximately 3,192 tonnes of ore per day.

Electrochemical Plant

The electrochemical plant will be state of the art and will use Nemaska Lithium's proprietary process to convert the spodumene concentrate into the purest lithium hydroxide on the market. Proximity to the Hydro-Quebec network, as the plant will use close to 50 MW once in full operation, and access to the natural gas network were also deciding factors.

Technical Report 

The Technical Report encompasses a combined open pit and underground lithium mine plan at Whabouchi and contemplates a mine life of 33 years.