Netiquette Policy

Nemaska Lithium is pleased to provide channels for discussion to the public. This Netiquette Policy is meant as a commitment from us to you, and vice versa, for all our interactions on social media.

  1. Tone: Respect is fundamental to any activity on our social media platforms. Any comment deemed to be arrogant, inappropriate, defamatory or that undermines the dignity of an individual or group of individuals will not be tolerated.
  2. Language: Nemaska Lithium publishes in both French and English. When possible, Nemaska Lithium will target the publications so that the members of its communities only see them in their preferred language as set up in their profile. The community manager will reply to questions and comments in French or English, as used by their author.
  3. Frequency: Nemaska Lithium is committed to replying to relevant messages requiring attention as promptly as possible between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., seven days a week.
  4. Content: Nemaska Lithium does not endorse the content shared by its communities on its social media platforms. Unfounded public market speculations will not be tolerated. Any sensitive or confidential information must be sent to communications@nemaska Nemaska Lithium may delete any user intervention in the form of advertisements or promotions.
  5. Copyright: Users acknowledge that any original content shared on Nemaska Lithium platforms can subsequently be used by the company in its various communications without prior notice.

Nemaska Lithium reserves the right to delete any comment and to restrict the access of any users who do not conform with these principles. This netiquette may be modified without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.